How to protect your plants from frost

How to protect your plants from frost

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With a frost advisory in effect for tonight many of you may be wondering how to protect your garden.  Frost can cause damage to some of the more sensitive plants around your yard.

Pam Sietz with Sartin Services Nursery said you need to act fast before the cold kills your garden.

Sietz said, "when it freezes is it breaks down the cells in the plants and it can either break the cell down or it could actually burst.  When that happens it will definitely kill the plant.

Sietz said there are many ways to protect your plants, "If they can bring it in of course its protected all of the way there.  If not they can cover it up they can use newspapers, plastic tarps, frost cloth, anything to help provide warmth and keep the frost off of them."

Before you cover your plants outside Sietz said there's something else you can do to help your plants even more.

Sietz said, "Water it really good, wet soil is 2-4 degrees warmer than dry soil and that warmth from the soil at night will help keep your plants alive."

Sietz said that her nursery has already started to take precautions for the colder weather ahead, "We've moved all of our Japanese Maples in. They've got all of their leaves out, they've budded out.   And we're moving all of our hanging baskets in because that is of course is new tender growth and then we've got our frost cloth here that we are fixing to drape over all of this to protect all of it."

You can check the local weather on in case the temperatures do drop below freezing.

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