Jonesboro officials return from D.C. with news on initiative

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - JonesboroCity Officials came back from Washington D.C. Monday with some good news aboutthe North Jonesboro Neighborhood Initiative. The program could soon become a nonprofitventure that would open opportunities for more funding.

The NJNI is a city initiative fundedthrough the city and private funds. In 2013, NJNI received $20,000 from thepublic service fund, leaving only a small amount to distribute to several otherorganizations.

"Fifteen percent of $600,000is not very much money," said Grants Administrator Heather Clements. "In fact,this year we capped it $50,000 and $20,000 of that went to NJNI, so that onlyleft $30,000 to go to all these other very deserving organizations."

With NJNI becoming anon-profit organization it not only benefits the initiative, but otherorganizations the city helps fund.

"It allows the city tofund more small organizations and non-profits that are so deserving of thismoney," said Clements. "It allows us to go outside our public service funds andstill fund the initiative."

NJNI Coordinator, EmmaAgnew said additional funds would make a huge impact for what she hopes toaccomplish.

"We can expand our workand we can engage the community at a greater level," said Agnew. "We can encourage,provide training and leadership opportunities for people to learn and grow, sothey can bring about the changes in their neighborhoods themselves. "

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