April Teacher of the Month: Ms. Jenny Mayer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Ms. Jenny Mayer from Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School has been selected as our April Teacher of the Month.

Mayer been teaching for 6 years and said she has learned a lot from her students.

She said for the longest time she couldn't decide on a career, but it only took a few minutes in her aunt's classroom to realize teaching was her calling.

"I've matured so much in what I'm doing and how I'm working with other teachers around and it's been a long process but it's been a positive one," Mayer said.

She said she's building a foundation for every student to succeed.

"You just keep up with where they're at and you do a lot of one on one things with them and you group them in different skills," Mayer told Region 8 News.

But there are challenges to every job.

"Letting go of some of the stuff you know the kids have to go home to so you hear stories that they come up and tell you and it breaks your heart and you want so bad to take them home with you," Mayer said. "I want them to be able to look back and know that I cared about them and that I loved them and I'm someone if they need to come to when they get older."

But she has leaned just as much from her students as they have learned from being in her classroom.

"I've definitely learned how to have patience, not having my own kids and coming into this I didn't know what exactly to expect from them," she said. "They've taught me to live a little more and be more kids like and not to take life so seriously."

Mayer grew up in Bono and attended Arkansas State University. She is recently engaged and looks forward to the big day in August.

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