Small town restaurant destroyed by overnight fire

(Source: Viewer submitted photo)
(Source: Viewer submitted photo)

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT) – The small town ofGrubbs is saddened after an early morning fire destroys the last restaurant intown.

Eagles Nest, formally known as Cook's Café isa total loss. The fire happened around 2:30 Wednesday morning, according to GrubbsFire Chief Danny Davis.

"We've got Bradford's Car Lot and we have thegrocery store and that's all that's left," said Eagles Nest Owner Evon Ussery. "Thiswill kill Grubbs."

It's a loss for Grubbs that affects more thanjust business. The nearly 50-year-old building is home to many memories.

"It always came back to Mr. Cook and his caféand that's what started us," said Ussery. "We wanted to keep that memory going."

She said the restaurant has been the go-toplace for residents, farmers and even folks from surrounding communities.

"We have people from Newport, Amagon, Tuckermanand Cash," she said. "They all come here to eat lunch with us."

One resident said the restaurant won't affectthe town physically because it had already gone downhill after the loss of theschool. However, he feels losing the restaurant will affect the townemotionally.

"I hated to see it," said Ralph Norris. "It'sa pretty good loss to the city."

Doug Bradford of Bradford's Car Lot nextstore saw the small town staple burn to the ground.

"My daughter came in and woke us up about threein the morning crying," said Bradford. "We came out and sure enough it wasblazing already and it's just going to put a hurt on the community."

Ussery and her mother, who regulars know as "Grandma",said they'll do what they can to continue to serve their customers.

"We can't let them down, we'll do something,"she said. "It may take us a little bit of time but we'll do something."

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