A Better Region 8: Say something

A longtime Paragould OBGYN is facing several felony charges - accused of taking pictures of a patient during an exam without their consent. The doctor will have a chance to defend himself and is innocent until proven guilty.

Now, since this news broke many of you voiced your concerns to us about this alleged behavior.

The voice that needs to be recognized is the patient who had the guts to speak up and call police when something didn't seem right.  Too many times things happen and nothing is said. People stay quiet.

The decision to say something can be daunting, even painful but it's important. If something is happening to you, say something.  Tell your children if something is going on at school - say something; in the neighborhood - say something.

If you, a friend or family member are a victim of some kind of abuse, don't feel guilty, be empowered.  Say something.

It might stop the abuse or even save your life and make this a better Region 8.