Original victim files suit against OBGYN

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The Paragould OB/GYN accused of taking nude photos of some of his patients had his first court appearance Thursday. He was arrested Wednesday night at a Newport hotel.

Dr. Paul Becton, Jr. appeared before Greene County Judge Dan Stidham Thursday afternoon. His bond was set at half a million dollars.

That's not all the legal troubles Becton faces right now.

The patient that brought all of this to the forefront has now filed civil suit against the doctor and explained in detail what Becton allegedly did to her during that exam that she said led up to him taking nude photos of her.

Naked from the waist down, facing away from her OB/GYN, the alleged victim claimed she could see what Dr. Becton was doing in the reflection of a glass frame on a wall.

A ten page civil suit against Dr. Paul Becton, Jr. was filed Thursday. The victim said she wants details of her experience publicized so other women might come forward.

She said she was in Becton's exam room for a preoperative evaluation after she had a miscarriage in January and Dr. Becton told her she needed a hysterectomy.

The victim explained that a nurse was in the room for the exam but Dr. Becton returned alone just seconds later and told her to lie back down.

The victim alleged Becton said it was for "further evaluation and examination" and that she was still nude from the waist down.

The victim then claimed Dr. Becton asked her to raise her left thigh outward and toward her chest. She said she then felt his hand on her upper, inner thigh in an unusual manner and position.

She alleged Dr. Becton then told her to stand up so he could examine her lower back and kidneys which is when she saw "in the reflection of a glass frame of the wall Dr. Becton holding a cell phone horizontally behind her, apparently taking pictures."

The victim said when she turned, he hurriedly put the phone in his scrubs pocket.

Becton's next court date is scheduled for May 30.

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