Hoxie OM team makes it to World Competition for first time

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - A gang of kids, a lot of duct tape and a big target on the principal. It sounds like trouble...or a fundraiser that will really "stick" with people when they asked to help out some talented students. Bright kids who have made history in Hoxie.

"You guys have got to do a good job because we're supposed to stick to the wall when they move those chairs," Hoxie Elementary Principal Tim Booth told students prior to the fundraiser.

"We're doing this to raise money for our OM team that's going to World competition," he explained.

For elementary kids, here aren't many better ways to kick off the weekend than taping your principal and teacher to a wall. It's a bit off the wall for a fundraiser but "off the wall" is what helped send this Odyssey of the Mind team to world competition. A first for the Hoxie School District.

"The two little ones pitch in the off the wall ideas because they have no reservations. They're not afraid to put themselves out there and look kinda silly...the older ones do the heavy lifting," OM Coach Stephanie Greer explained.

Greer is also an elementary teacher at Hoxie. She told Region 8 News that at the beginning of the year, OM teams are given five possible problems to solve.

"There are problems that run from creating a vehicle to performing. This year they chose problem 5...a performance."

Students spend the entire year thinking of creative ways to solve the problem. Greer said students give up their time to do so.

"After school, weekends, any breaks we have from school, it's all their time that they give up."

Hours and hours of work they've put in, but now they need help to get there.

"Just for the kids alone, their t-shirts, their registration, their rooms and meals, it's over $6,000," Greer explained.

So far, they have $2,400 dollars not including money raised Friday, as kids and teachers had to pay a couple of dollars to tape Greer or Principal Tim Booth to the wall.

If you would like to help the OM team in their trip to world competition in Ames, Iowa, visit their GoFundMe account.

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