Church-goers flock to Easter services across Region 8

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT)- Church-goers flocked to services around Region 8 today to celebrate the Easter holiday.

For First United Methodist Church in Jonesboro, it was the second Easter celebration in their new facility.

Senior Pastor John Miles says they put out nearly 200 chairs once the church started to fill up. A member of the congregation told Region 8 News nearly 1,300 people attended their morning service.

"There was just a sense of excitement today, maybe well it's Easter who can say. Easter is always beautiful," Miles said.

The Easter holiday gives families a chance to take part in their family traditions. It's not just about bunnies and baskets, some moms said it's about being thankful.

"We got together with our friends and had a Passover meal with our children and it was so much fun," said Sara Bryant.

She said her family and friends started a new tradition three years ago.

"Each family brought a certain item and it helped us learn more about the Passover also even though it may not be something that you typically do," she said.

Bryant said this helps explain to her children the meaning of Passover and the Easter holiday.

"We also like to utilize those resurrection eggs and read them and read what goes behind each item and what's in the resurrection eggs," she said.

And speaking of eggs, Christie Matthews said she would have Easter egg hunts with her kids, but now that they are older, they focus more on their church experience.

"First starting out with sunrise service then coming to church then meeting up with family and having a great lunch and celebrating our risen Savior," Matthews said. "Every Easter we have to come to church here at First United Methodist Church."

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