Teen Dies After Being Hit By Train

November 5, 2004 -- Posted at: 11:15pm CST

PARAGOULD, AR - Sergeant Tony Williams, a member of the Paragould Police Department, explained that 19 year old Glenn Barron was walking from the west carrying his bicycle. He had gone down into a ditch next to the Union Pacific railroad tracks underneath Highway 412, took 5 or 6 steps up out of the ditch and was hit by a train. Williams and Bonnie Flanery, a woman who lives not far from where the accident happened, both said too many pedestrians walk along and across those tracks. Flanery, who has lived next to the tracks for 11 years, added that some younger kids play "chicken" with the trains.

"They stay there 'til the train is I'd say maybe 30 foot from the crossing. They'll be sitting there and then they'll just got off the track just before the train gets there," explained Flanery.

The tracks and land surrounding them belong to Union Pacific Railroad. Sergeant Williams told K8 News he reminds people who are walking on or along them that they are trespassing. He doesn't think pedestrians, especially kids, realize how dangerous the tracks and trains are; adding that the shortcut is not worth the risk.