Clinic offers new service for allergy sufferers

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - A Newport clinic is offering a new service to help those suffering from spring allergies.

The Newport Diagnostic Clinic is offering allergy testing and customized immunotherapy, a method for decreasing the sensitivity to allergies over time. The Newport clinic is the only clinic under the White Rivers Health System to offer this special service.

"Since we've started, the program I've been real happy with the patient response and we've got several that are in treatment right now and they've had a pretty good response so far," said Dr. Randall Hunt with the clinic. "I thought it was a much easier, safer and more comfortable way of doing the testing that's been done in the past."

Hunt said they perform a skin test that will reveal a patient's allergies.

"We test for over 48 different types of allergies antigens such as mold, tree pollen, grass pollen and some of the animal dandruff also," Dr. Hunt told Region 8 News.

They do this by conducting immunotherapy, a treatment that decreases your sensitivity to an allergen.

"By using this type of immunotherapy you avoid all the side effects of taking a pill and being sleepy," Hunt said. "The over the counter medicine has been available for years."

The testing is done in 15 minutes and the treatments are administered twice a week. Treatments are customized for every patient.

"It's designed for you," Hunt said. "If you're not allergic to Bermuda glass you shouldn't be treated for it so its specifically catered to your allergy."

Adults and children over the age of 2 can be tested for allergies.

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