Jonesboro private clubs, liquor tax revenue on the rise

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Add another name to the list of Jonesboro private clubs selling alcohol.

During its April meeting in Little Rock, the Alcoholic Beverage Control board granted a conditional private club permit to J-Town's Grill, 2612 East Johnson.

The permit is contingent upon Health Department approval of the club, the installation of a telephone and fire exit lights, and re-inspection by ABC Enforcement agents.

According to the Arkansas Department of Finance Administration website, the ABC board received one letter of objection to the permit. No public officials contested the permit application.

In related news, the number of private clubs in Jonesboro continues to rise, as does the amount of revenue collected on liquor sales.

Region 8 News obtained the alcoholic beverage tax collections for the past 7 years from the city of Jonesboro.

According to the records, in 2013 the city collected $408,842.86 in alcoholic beverage taxes from 39 listed businesses.

That's $20,412 more than the city collected in 2012 from a list of 41 businesses.

A review of the records reveals revenues have been steadily increasing since 2007. The number of private clubs has also been increasing.

In 2007, the city collected a total of $96,797.62 from 19 businesses.

The following year the number of private clubs grew to 22 contributing $141,096.64 in taxes.

To see the complete reports from 2007 to 2013, including how much each club paid, click here.

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