Planting season delayed

Planting season delayed

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - The long cold and wet winter caused a delay in the planting season this year.

Farmers are now racing to get their crops in the ground in preparation for the growing season.

Will Nicholson is a farmer in Cross county that was out planting 125 acres of rice today.

When Nicholson was asked about the growing season, he said, "We started out slow, but we're picking up good now."

Slow is right, the cold weather put a delay on the planting and once we started seeing warmer weather we started to see a lot of rain as well, which also slowed things down.

Nicholson said, "We're at the point now just trying to find dry ground, after the rains we received two weekends ago where we got two-point-three inches here. So we're fixing to dry out pretty good."

But more rain is in the forecast and Nicholson said he'll be making a big push to get as much work done before the heavy rain hits.

Nicholson said that he has had a good start but that isn't the case for everyone.

Nicholson said, "I was talking to a buddy of mine awhile ago in the Bono area, he said they don't have anything at all planted yet, so it depends on where you are in the state I was talking to a buddy of mine in Missouri this morning up there and he said things got rolling real good this weekend up there.  So it depends on where you are."

Nicholson said that the good weather is needed to get the crops going due to how important agriculture is here in Region 8.

Nicholson said, "Cross county gets 50% of it's income through rice production. Well it don't only affect us farmers it affects the coops and the chemical companies and the seed companies and everybody else. It is a trickle down affect like that."

The good news is that farmers are in good spirits for this growing year.

Nicholson said, "As long as we keep the warm weather and get this stuff up and growing, we're hoping for good yields again."

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