A Better Region 8: Being innovative

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the Alabamas, Michigans, and Ohio States of the world – it's hard for other schools to get their name out in college football. I have to hand it to Arkansas State's new football coach Blake Anderson.

For last Friday night's spring game, Coach Anderson offered a chance to buy the head coach position for the game on Ebay. In the Red Wolves "coach Experience," fans were encouraged to bid for a chance to coach the team for 24 hours, calling plays, coaching players and giving the media along with thousands of fans a good look at this year's team.

The winner: Nick Bhardwaj, a twenty something tech mogul from California who paid nearly 12 grand to be coach. That's an innovative way to raise needed money for the program. But the real value is in publicity, ESPN, CBS, and other national sports outlets picked up the story giving ASU, its new head coach and the football program much deserved positive exposure.

Coach Anderson brought an innovative idea to ASU! Do you know a person in the community using innovation to make Region 8 better?  Let us know, call, email or write us so we can have a chance to highlight them. It's the out of the box ideas that make this A Better Region 8.