CRW Motorcycle Club donates $6000 to Westside Memorial Garden

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Angels are all around us. Sometimes, they wear leather and fly on two wheels. That's how Debbie Spencer described the Cache River Warriors Motorcycle Club.

Monday night, the club presented Westside School District with a $6000 check for the maintenance and upkeep of the Westside Memorial Garden.

Robert Webster, Cache River Warriors Motorcycle Club president, said the group raised triple the amount they collected last year.

"We made $1865 last year and $6000 this year," said Webster. Next year, they hope to double $6000.

The money will go towards renovating the memorial's deck.

"The memorial garden has a big deck and everything made on it," said Webster. "The deck is deteriorating; it needs to be replaced. So that is what we are actually raising the money for--to rebuild the deck and memorial garden."

It's been sixteen years since the Westside School shooting. Soon after the horrific event, people from all over the world sent donations to the school.

As time went on, the funds for the memorial's upkeep diminished. Since 2012, CRW have ridden their motorcycles to raise money for the memorial fund.

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