Museum exhibit features out-of-this-world items

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Onany normal day inside the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum you'll find mineralsand Native American Artifacts, but on Tuesday samples from moon missions in1969 to 1972 sat on display.

"We have some moon rocksfrom the Apollo program brought back from the astronauts from Apollo 14, 15, 16and 17," said Solar System Ambassador and Saturn Observation Campaign member Kenneth Renshaw.

The Piggott Native said hewanted the chance to show the community and students in the surrounding areas apart of history.

"We know how historic ofan event it was when they landed on the moon," said Renshaw. "I've had specialtraining on handling the moon rocks and was certified to receive some as aneducator, because I thought maybe I'd generate interest in science and thespace program."

Renshaw said bringing apart of space to Piggott is an opportunity that doesn't come around often.

He enjoys teachingstudents and showing them real pieces of the moon.

"It's a little unusual tosee something like this and I had it here a couple of years ago, it generated alot of interest in many of the students," he said.

However, it doesn't stopthere. Renshaw displays a piece of an 820 pound meteorite, and tells the storyof when it landed in Paragould over 84 years ago.

For any school class ororganization interested in a showing of the moon rocks, and meteorites, free ofcharge may contact him at 870 598-7930 or by email at

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