A Better Region 8: Measure the Candidates this Saturday

When you've watched us over the last few months, one thing is apparent, It's an election year in Region 8!

May 20th is the primary election, and I have a question for you: How well do you know the candidates and how they measure up against each other?

This Saturday is your chance to measure the candidates for yourself.  Craighead County Farm Bureau and KAIT are partnering for an event called: Measure the Candidates, this Saturday starting at 11 a.m. at the NEA fairgrounds.

Candidates from state and local races will each have 5 minutes to tell you what they stand for, what they plan to do if they get in office and why you should vote for them.

If you can't make it to the fairgrounds we'll be there for you.  The entire event airs live on KAIT 24/7, and we'll stream it live on KAIT8.com, plus on the Region 8 News mobile app and m.kait8.com.

Be a part of the Democratic process... Vote, but be informed when you do, it will make this A Better Region 8.