Being weather aware in public

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the potential threat of storms coming over the weekend, it is good to be aware of the forecast when you are out and about.

So what should you do if you get caught in a storm while at a restaurant or shopping?

If severe weather were to strike in the middle of church service, First Assembly of God in Jonesboro said they're ready.

Pastor Matt Smith said. "We've got some inner hallways and one partially underground hallway that are big enough for a large group of people to congregate in."

With several areas throughout the building to take shelter in, Pastor Matt Smith has worked out a plan to help keep the congregation safe if severe weather were to hit, but not all public places have plans in place.

Jonesboro E-9-1-1 Director Jeff Presley said, "It's really great if every church or building has some type of safety plan in place with folks that are in charge of carrying out that plan, but if they don't, let's say you are at a mall or at a big super market and sometimes those storms come up on you really quick, you want to get away from the big open areas, you want to stay away from the glass, anything that can fall on you from overhead."

The good news is that most stores have a game plan in place.

Assistant Manager at Walmart, Gina Ballow said, "We'll page a code black, which a code black is to alert that there is a possible tornado in the area and that is when we will page for all associates and customers to please come to the back to the sight to store area."

Having a severe weather action plan is very important for everywhere you go, not just at home.  Be sure to go over your families severe weather safety plans for all areas including for when you are out and about town.

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