Students get buzzed for a good cause

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) - In the midst of hardtimes, one Region 8 school is supporting one of their own. Three boys decidedto shave their heads with a friend who's going through chemo therapy.

Brantley Gholson is an 8thgrader at Sloan-Hendrix who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma a month andhalf ago. When his hair started to fall out a few days ago, his buddies took itupon themselves to lift his spirit.

"I said well lets go shaveit this afternoon and let's just get it over with," said Brantley's friendMatthew Helms. "We all went to Jonesboro and shaved our heads and went bowlingand had a good time, because there is no point in making it a sad thing when youcan make it something else."

The next day the supportcontinued to spread.

The whole school has beenbehind me and all," Brantley said. "It makes me happy and it means a lot to me."

It also meant a lot forBrantley's parents, who have been amazed at how his classmates and thecommunity have come together to support him.

"It's hard enough with thesituation you're in but when the community comes together like this it reallylifts his spirits, and when his spirits are lifted ours are too," said Brantley'sFather Randy Gholson. "He and his friends are holding most of us adultstogether."

Brantley's friendship withthe three boys is only in its first year, but their kindness, love and supportfor their friend shows it's one that will last a lifetime.

"It's what kept me goingreally, I couldn't ask for it any other way," said Brantley.

"We've always been friendssince the day we met," said Hale. "It doesn't matter if he has cancer or doesn'thave cancer, we still love him and will be a friend for him."

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