Sunday storms cause flooding in Clay County

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Several streets in Region 8 are under water after Sunday night's storms.

Flooding in Clay County has made it difficult for people to get around. Some home owners haven't been able to get in and out of their houses because of flooded front lawns.

"Corning is like the lost and the forgotten but there are a lot of people in this area that need help," said Resident Angela Craft. "I'm having to go clean the sewage out of my house."

Resident Sandra Carroll said as people drove through the flooded roads, it caused more problems for surrounding homes.

"They'll drive through and every time they do, they push water back into my house," said Carroll.

It's not just neighborhoods dealing with it, businesses in town have also been inconvenienced.

"I clean cars for J&S just east of Corning and the water is ankle deep in the shop," said J&S Employee Bobby Yates.

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