Photos from Vilonia tornado found in Batesville, 60 miles away

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The tornadic winds that hit Vilonia, Arkansas Sunday night spread debris northward into Region 8.

Sulphur Rock residents in Independence County found mail from Vilonia in their yards Monday morning.

Other people found precious mementos they hope to get back to the rightful owners.

"I'm getting chills right now just looking at this picture," Lauren Hubbard told Region 8 News.

The photo she holds is over 60 miles from home.

"I walked up the stairs and it was just laying right here and I just kinda looked at it, picked it up, noticed it said Vilonia and like...mind-blown."

Much of the debris in the cemetery behind the White River Medical Center appears to be from heavy rainfall that hit Batesville.

Man twigs litter the sidewalk but a closer look reveals tar paper, insulation and more.

That debris is believed to have come from the tornado that struck Vilonia Sunday night.

Hubbard found a photo of a Vilonia girl's basketball team Monday morning when she was walking into work.

"My days playing basketball, those were some of the best days of my life and I thought, I definitely would want to keep that," Hubbard said. "I just wanna figure out how to get this back to these people."

Hubbard believes they can. She thinks the photo wound up just feet from the back door of Dr. E.J. Jones' Women's Healthcare Clinic for a reason.

"Luckily for us, I think our secretary knows the coach and she's been in contact with her to get the picture back."

They aren't the only group of people looking to return mementos.

A photo was located in a field in Pocahontas Monday morning and further north, a photo of a young girl holding a baby was found in Success.

For Hubbard, getting the photos back to their rightful owners is priceless.

"This is all they have is just their memories," Hubbard said.

The staff at Dr. E.J. Jones' Women's Healthcare Clinic also found another photo in the cemetery and a newspaper clipping from what appears to be a softball game.

The staff believe the photos and newspaper article all came from a scrapbook.

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