Flooding a major problem after storms in Randolph County

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -Several roads in Region 8 are still under water after Sunday nights storms.

Randolph County Judge, David Jansen said with five rivers and heavy rain, flooding is bound to happen.

"We got a lot of water in the Current River bottoms and Black River bottoms," said Jansen. "The water is starting to recede but we haven't been able to get in there yet."

As of yesterday, Jansen has declared Randolph County a disaster area.

"We got our paper work filled out and I'm sure when they get their dollar figure in Governor Beebe is going to ask for federal help, he said. "It's coming we just don't know when yet."

The Randolph County Cooperative Extension building was also evacuated, after flooding caused the foundation to crumble.

"We have a ditch right on the back side of it," Jansen said. "The water got so high that it blew out all the wall and foundation blocks that's holding the building up."

The ditch has flooded before but with heavy rain it was too much for the wall to sustain.

"I guess the force of the water this time just blew out the foundation." He said.

Jansen said new ideas to keep it from flooding are in the works.

"We can possibly build a retaining wall out here or something," he said.

Jansen  anticipates the rivers to go back down to normal by the end of the week.

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