Woman gathers votes to put medical marijuana on the ballot

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- A Paragould coupled is gathering votes to put medical marijuana on the ballot.

In the 2012 election, legalizing medical failed by just a few percentage points. Kathy Michaud and her husband, Laughingbear, have collected 18,000 signatures and need over 40,000 more.

"I'm cured, I'm real happy I'm ecstatic over it. I never thought I would be cured," said Kathy Michaud.

Michaud was diagnosed with hepatitis C, 15 years ago. She went through 6 months of chemotherapy but there was no change.

"My husband researched and researched. The side effects from the medicine I was taking was too terrible to tolerate," she said. "Everything that we come across led to cannabis."

So Kathy and her husband bought land in Colorado and grew a patch of marijuana plants that they turned into cannabis oil. Three months later Kathy started to see its effects.

"I slowly but surely started becoming better and it was surprising enough to all of us that it was actually working," Michaud said.

Since then, Kathy and her husband starting campaigning for medical marijuana to be legalized.

"We are out there beating the street," she said. "Talking to everyone that will listen and trying to educate the ones who won't."

They set up a booth in front of their home on West Park Street in Paragould to educate the public and get the signatures they need.

"It's natural, it's pure and it works," Michaud said. "I never thought I would be cured and that this would just be a lifetime thing."

Last year they spent four months on the road getting campaigning for this cause.

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