Student-run cafe teaches business lesson

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT)- Students at Newport High School are cooking up a storm. The school recently opened a cafe run solely by the students.

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Linda Ford teaches Entrepreneur Experience where students learn the ins and out of running a business in the food industry.

"Everybody has gotten more confident, they have switched roles where part of the time they are in the back in the kitchen, part of the time they are dealing straight with the public," Ford said.

Senior Jessica Rucker said being a part of this cafe feeds her interest in the culinary field.

"I was in this class last year and unfortunately the cafe hadn't been finished yet so I got in it to experience the cafe," she said. "I do plan to own my own bakery so working in the cafe has helped in that area."

The Hungry Hound Cafe opened in February and right now it's filled with faculty and staff.

"Every meal is not the same so they have learned how to adapt in various situations and they've just done fantastic," Ford said. "Sometimes they don't think they can do things I know they can so I kind of act like cheerleader and encourage them."

Senior, Taelehs Williams said working in the café has taught her proper etiquette.

"I've learned manners, my manners have really improved," she said.

Ford said right now they are letting it marinate but she has big plans for the cafe.

"Our goal is to eventually be totally self-sustaining," she said. "We're expecting to have more community involvement."

Newport High School has the only Family and Consumer Sciences program in Jackson County.

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