Weekend storms testing levee system in Region 8 town

HORNERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - Hornersville residents are hoping the levee on the south side of town does its job and keeps water out of the community.

The levee system is supposed to protect Hornersville any time Little River starts to rise.

Whenever Little River floods, it flows into Carl Crossno's backyard.

"I think I've been flooded enough they ought to call me Noah," he said.

Police Chief JoBeth Patterson said the city blocked access to Little River after inspecting it Tuesday afternoon. 

"We came down here. We had on chest waders. This whole area that we're standing in was underwater," she said.

 Anyone who disregards the blockades will be ticketed.

"Any type of movement, ATVs, boats, trucks, we don't want on the levees right now," Chief Patterson said.

"Some put out lines, nets, some just fish in the boat, and some just come down to look at the break here in the levee, and that's kind of what we're worried about is the erosion on the bare levees."

While the city is having to keep some boaters docked, Crossno said he and wife had to get a mobile home so they can get away from the river after every heavy rain.  He uses his boat to make it out of his house. 

"I back it up against the deck and we use it for a walkway really," he said. "I'm not going to stay in a house with a river coming in it."

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