Shelters in high demand after recent storms

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) - It's been a busy week for the storm shelter business. Sundaynight's storms have had people question their own "safe spot".

"We've been answering thephone left and right all day long," said ReThink Storm Shelter Owner KeithBullock.

"It's been very busy,"said My Safe Place Storm Shelter Owner Jana Holmes. "We've had a lot of callsand done a lot of estimates for folks."

Jonesboro Resident, RogerRoush, was getting his own shelter installed on Thursday. After Sunday night'sstorms, he's been reassured he made the right decision for both him and hisfamily.

"When you look at thedamage that's been done by these F4 tornados with just total devastation, youfeel like you have a place that you can go to that will keep you safe duringthat event," said Roush.

Both storm shelterbusinesses in Jonesboro have had the same conversation with people all weeklong.

"My family, my wife, mykids, they have a safe place to go and that's a huge piece of mind to be ableto sit there and think about that," said Bullock.

Both businesses said peopleget really interested after a storm, but they urge people to be proactive.

"Where we live it canhappen anytime of the year," said Holmes.

"Just like we saw last fallin Caraway it was Halloween, and the last thing anyone was thinking about was atornado coming through town," said Bullock.

Roush said he's alwaysthought about a storm shelter, but now, his new safe spot is more than a room.

"We already had a closetthat we utilized as a safe spot but when the sirens go off it just creates ananxiety that's hard to keep calm," said Roush. "Knowing I have a secure placeto go, it will give me much more piece of mind."

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