Two children hurt as 18-wheeler hits school bus

TUCKERMAN, AR  (KAIT) – Arkansas State Police are investigating an accident between a school bus and semi-truck.

Two children, ages seven and 17, were injured as they were getting off the bus on Highway 67 South at 3:45 p.m.

According to Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas, the semi-truck rear-ended the Jackson County School District school bus as it was stopped, letting children off. Lucas said both children were taken to Harris Hospital in Newport as a precaution for non-life threatening injuries.

The remaining 10 children and the bus driver were not injured in the accident.

Ashley Decker, who lives next door to the home where the accident happened, said the truck driver appeared to be injured.

"My mom had ran toward the driver. He had gotten off his truck, and he was bleeding and he was limping."

She also said the truck driver told her why he ran into the school bus.

"He told me that he was coming through the red light, and he was tore up about the kids and everything. But he said he was coming through the red light and he was trying to get a dip and he dropped his can, and he was trying to get it out from under his feet, under the pedals."

Sheriff Lucas said Arkansas State Police are investigating the circumstances around the accident. He believes the actions of the bus driver kept the accident from being worse than it was.

"The bus driver had indicated to me that he had looked through his rearview mirror and he saw the 18-wheeler coming and it appeared like it was not going to stop. So the bus driver started to pull the bus over to the side of the road to get out of the way, and it caused a glancing blow to the rear end of the bus. In doing that in my opinion he saved several of those children's lives by doing that."

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