Victim's brother after shooting, "nobody is safe"

Victim's brother after shooting, "nobody is safe"
© Ricardo Lopez and his three children
© Ricardo Lopez and his three children
© Ricardo Lopez and his two daughters
© Ricardo Lopez and his two daughters
© Ricardo Lopez and his one-year-old son
© Ricardo Lopez and his one-year-old son

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The brother of one of the victims from Saturday's shootings said he is still trying to make sense of what happened.

"I'm at my restaurant working, my brother just came and ate lunch with me here around 1 o'clock," said Elenison Lopez. "About 20 minutes later, somebody called me and said your brother got shot."

For Lopez, Saturday's shooting left him with a broken heart.

Lopez's brother, Ricardo Lopez was one of four victims killed in the shootings in east Jonesboro.

"I miss my brother, he's like my right hand, we been together all my life."

Lopez owns La Fiesta Restaurant on Phillips Drive in Jonesboro. His brother worked alongside him for two months before he went into construction. Elenison said Ricardo Lopez was working on Dalton Farmer Road, Saturday.

"My brother is a good worker, a good guy, he got three kids. He got a son that's one year old and he's going to miss all his life. I can't believe what happened yesterday."

Lopez told Region 8 News he feels the police response should have been handled a little differently.

"The first call for 911 was at 1 o'clock and he killed all those people first then and ran into Commercial Drive and got to the parking where my brother's working. Close the roads! Or do something! And the second call is like at 1:20."

Lopez said he knew the shooter and can't understand why it happened.

"I found out last night this guy is Porfilio Hernandez. I have been his friend for like ten years."

"This guy has been in the hospital last week and because he's got some problems and the doctor released him Thursday."

"I don't know why he shot my brother."

Lopez and his brother moved to Jonesboro from El Savador in Central America where it is safer.

"We thinking in Jonesboro we safe but I don't think so nobody is safe."

Lopez says his family knew some of the victims. While tearing up, he added his heart goes out to everyone involved in Saturday's shooting, especially the family who lost the 12 year old girl.

"I got the same aged daughter in the same classroom and it's incredible."

Lopez says he does everything he can to keep his family safe.

"The Spanish people, we come and work really hard here and try to make our living. I got all my family on my back. I'll be a strong guy, but it's really sad."

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