Mayoral Candidates Campaign for Runoff Votes

November 9, 2004 – Posted at 2:43 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Two weeks from Tuesday, voters will decide who will be Jonesboro's next mayor. Voters have been to the polls and made their decisions on issues, candidates and amendments. But voters in Jonesboro still have one more big race to decide.

The Jonesboro Mayoral Candidates have finally boiled down to the last two standing, but what are Forman and Pierce doing to win those votes that were cast for the other candidates in the general election? Both say they are going to stick with what has been tried and true in the past.

Mayoral Candidate Dan Pierce said, "We are going to do the same things that we were doing before and that's trying to meet as many voters in Jonesboro as we possibly can. I want them to know that we want every one of their votes. This race is about who is the most qualified, who has the most experience to run a city the size of Jonesboro."

"Voters that voted for the one of the other candidates that aren't in the runoff this time, I hope that they would look at my values and what I want for the city of Jonesboro and see if that's what their values are as well, and hopefully they will come my way too, along with my voters from the first election," said Mayoral Candidate Doug Forman.

Former Mayoral Candidate Kevin Rhodes agrees that it's going to be getting voters to the polls that will make the difference.

"I personally believe that it's everybody responsibility to get out and go back to the polls in the runoff and put your vote back out there where it counts, because really, we don't have a winner yet," said Rhodes.

Those working on the run-off election are ready for the light at the end of the tunnel.

"My schedule has been pretty busy," said Pierce.

"I just thought I was busy before, I'm really busy now," laughed Forman.

Questions have been raised about former mayoral candidates throwing their support to either Forman or Pierce. But both candidates say they are waiting to announce who will be supporting them.