Court says prayer allowed at city council meetings

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Supreme Court gave approval Monday to pray at public meetings.The Justices ruled five to four in the case.

Two women in New York sued officials over invocations at monthly public sessions on government property. The Supreme Court ruled the council did not violate the first amendment by opening their meetings with prayer.

"It's about time and I wish that all the places that are not allowed to have prayer will," said Rev. Ray Scales. "I hope it will continue because we need prayer and our country was built off of prayer."

Scales said the opening prayer isn't to offend anyone, but rather to give thanks.

"Just a simple prayer to God," said Scales. "It's not against anyone but just to be thankful for what he's done for us."

However, people like Arnelle Jones feel if the prayer does not include all religions, it shouldn't be done.

"I'm not anti-prayer or anything like that but I believe everyone should have their chance, and if they're not including everyone's religion then they shouldn't say it at all," she said.

Jones is a believer in separation in church and state. She questioned those who agree with the decision, how they would feel if the religion wasn't Christianity.

"I would wonder how these same people would feel if they went to a different event and they opened it up with a prayer of a different religion," said Jones.

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