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Trial begins for teen accused in brutal killing college of student

Gilbert Eyzaguirre's son, 27-year-old Fernando, was carjacked and murdered in November of 2012.

Jury selection is now underway for one of the alleged shooters, 17-year-old Milton Wilson.

Eyzaguirre believes his son, a college student, was ambushed in an Algiers parking lot as he sat in his car about to work out at the gym.

"A car passed around with four guys inside. Three of them got out and said, let's go get him," said Eyzaguirre.

Police said three men with guns surrounded the vehicle. They say Fernando never resisted when he got out of his car and the gunmen started shooting.

"They shot him one time. He fell to the ground and both of them started shooting on top of him. They had no remorse, nothing. They just shot for nothing," Eyzaguirre said.

Police were able to get surveillance video of the killing, and at the time, Chief Ronal Serpas described it as one of the worst ever caught on tape.

"This case is a horrific example of one of the worst homicides I've ever had to see on film in the 30-plus years of my career in law enforcement," Serpas said.

The suspects jumped in Fernando's Honda Accord and took off. Police found the car in Waveland, Miss. several days later.

Five people are in custody. Jaroid Washington, 23, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 23 years at hard labor. Eyzaguirre believes Washington will testify against the others, including Wilson.

He also believes the jury will see the very graphic surveillance video, and he hopes the public will get a sense of what really happened to his son.

While Eyzaguirre wants justice, he says the pain of losing Fernando will never go away.

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