A Better Region 8: A first responder thank you

This weekend's deadly shooting tragedy is no doubt a dark day in our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of everyone involved.

Within minutes of the 911 calls police, fire, and medical first responders across Region 8 were on scenes. You know we often talk of our war veterans as heroes. They are. But so are the people who showed up to this weekend's tragedy. Just like our soldiers at war, these men and women also ran into danger, not from it.

I know we throw the word "hero" around, but police, fire, and emergency responders are heroes in our eyes. So thank you. Thank you for your service to our community.

You often go unrecognized for facing incredible danger and not so incredible pay. So let's show them respect. The next time you see a first responder in a restaurant, grocery store or the ball park, take a moment and say thanks.

We are blessed here in Region 8 to know that when bad things happen, good people are there for us, making this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager