The Battle In Iraq Intensifies

November 09, 2004--Posted at 7:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- "I pray a lot, and I think that is what gets me through the day. I believe in the Lord. I think he carries me through, because I know I don't carry myself, said Pam Bowen.

Bowen's husband is currently serving in Iraq.

The battle in Iraq has intensified as U. S. troops storm the Iraqi city of Fallujah fighting insurgents in intense urban warfare.

These urban battles troops are fighting against insurgents, experts say, are much different than fighting in areas like the desert.

Ross Marlay is a professor of Political Science at Arkansas State University.

"They know where the alley ways are, they know where the stairways are, they know where the storm drains are, and the alleys are, and they can be popping up on us troops anytime they want,"said Marlay.

Experts say this battle in Fallujah is necessary in order to progress towards democracy, and a fair election process which is the goal for the country in January.

"It's the people in the center who have traditionally dominated Iraqi politics, and they are the ones who stand to lose if there would be elections so they have no incentive to do anything to make it easier to hold those elections,"said Marlay.

When, and if the elections are held, there will more than likely be U.S. troops there to help oversee the process.

Pam Bowen's husband, Michael, has been in Iraq since march. She says he is reluctant to give a lot of details because he doesn't want her and their two kids to worry.