County road is repaved after residents raise concern over potholes

County road is repaved after residents raise concern over potholes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A homemade sign warning drivers of dangerous potholes along County Road 757 in Northern Craighead County has come down.  Parts of that road have now been paved instead of being patched. The residents along that road complained earlier that the constant patching was ineffective, and didn't last very long.

Between the rough winter and heavy rains we've had this spring some of the county roads in the area are in rough condition.

Residents went so far as to put up signs to warn other drivers.

Pastor Ray Broadaway, who put out the sign said, "That road is so bad we were afraid that somebody would tear up their car."

Pastor Broadaway said that he hit one of these pot holes just last night and said, "Good thing my wife had the seat belt on or it would've thrown her out of the seat. It almost did anyway."

If you went down Craighead County Road 757 you would have noticed truck, after truck, after truck and it is tearing up the road with each pass.  County Judge Ed Hill said he was well aware of the damage being laid to the road.

Judge hill said, "There is a pit out there and they do a lot of hauling out of there to build foundations for a lot of the new construction going on here in Jonesboro and it is taking a toll on our roads."

With all of the damage being laid to the roads it costs a lot to fix it.

Judge Ed Hill says that the money to resurface an entire road just isn't there.

Judge Hill said, "The asphalt budget is four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars a year, which at a mile of asphalt costs you about a hundred-thousand dollars so you see it don't go very far, so we try to save a minimum of half of our asphalt budget for maintenance and we may do more than that this year because you know some people think the asphalt roads are permanent but they wear out like everything else."

Although they are unable to resurface the whole road, Judge Hill made it clear that they are doing something and said, "If it's a really bad pothole we'll dig it out and we'll patch the pothole and we'll come with a machine and overlay the whole thing, and it takes a lot of time and a lot of money.  You know we've got about 2-hundred miles of hard surface roads.  And like I said, we are going to spend more than half of our budget this year on just maintenance alone."

With the potholes only being patched and the trucks tearing them back up Pastor Broadaway only wants one thing.

"I just wish somebody would do something before somebody gets hurt."

With the budget so low the potholes will continue to be patched with the trucks continuing to tear them up and as long as that is going on, the sign will remain. To warn people of the dangers ahead.

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