Arkansans at odds over e-cigarette health advisory

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Department of Health claims e-cigarettes are a health hazard. People who smoke the vaping devices think the health department is being overly cautious.

Kenneth Bogart smoked for thirty years and after a friend introduced him to e-cigarettes, he said it was the end to his tobacco habit.

"You still have the habit similar to smoking but almost no nicotine," said Bogart.

The Arkansas Department of Health's Public Health Advisory warned consumers by listing several dangers of the alternative cigarette. It also included its effect on children.

Smoker, Ryan Williams said having his daughter is what switched him over to e-cigarettes.

"I'd never smoke cigarettes around her but the liquid itself is not harmful," he said."What I have in mine is zero nicotine."

According to the Public Health Advisory, doctors are concerned with children swallowing the liquid.

Williams said he prevents that from happening by keeping his out of reach from his kids.

"I keep all my juice and stuff in a locked box," he said.

Bogart said he'd recommend e-cigarettes to anyone wanting to kick the habit of traditional cigarettes.

"I've been advising a lot of my friends to try one of these to see what it does for them," said Bogart.

To read the entire ADH e-cigarette advisory, click here.

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