Newly released reports shed light on mass shooting

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) - Newly released police reports shed light on Saturday's mass shooting in east Jonesboro.

Investigators say Porfirio Sayago Hernandez shot seven people, killing three, before turning the gun on himself.

On Wednesday, the Jonesboro Police Department released 26 pages of incident reports from multiple officers who responded to the shootings.

1:17 p.m. Saturday, 2201 Moore Road, Jonesboro

At approximately 1:17 p.m. Saturday officers responded to a call of shots fired at a home on Moore Road.

As the first officers arrived, they reported seeing a "male lying face down in the driveway, bleeding…from a gunshot wound to his face."

Corporal John Porbeck ran to the man and dragged him behind a tree where EMS officers could reach him safely while Sgt. Jon Redman along with Officers Brian Arnold and Larry King provided cover, the report stated.

After the man was turned over to paramedics, the officers continued up the driveway where they found another victim south of the house.

"Officer Porbeck picked up the juvenile boy and carried him out to the awaiting paramedics," Officer King reported.

As Porbeck was carrying the boy to safety, King and the other officers headed to the rear of the home.

As they approached the backyard, Officer Arnold reported they "noticed a small child lying on his back on a concrete slab in the back yard."

Sgt. Redman stated he heard "Officer Arnold state we have another victim, a kid. He is dead."

But then Redman looked at the child and saw him take a breath.

The sergeant then called for an EMT to get the child "as we covered him with our firearms."

After the boy was carried safely to an awaiting ambulance, the officers proceeded to the back door of the home.

"Upon entering the hallway I observed a large amount of blood…as well as in the two bedrooms adjacent," Redman reported.

The officers did not find any other victims inside the home.

As Redman was leaving the home he was approached by a woman who "had been shot in the head."

Redman said the woman was "able to talk but was bleeding profusely."

He said she was concerned about three children who had been at the residence.

Redman "directed her to medical personnel."

The officers then approached a large shop next to the home where several cars were being repaired.

As they walked toward the building "an aggressive pit bull" was barking and growling at the officers, apparently protecting two more victims, a young girl and an older Hispanic man.

Officers managed to coax the dog away, then they went to the victims.

Meanwhile Officer Porbeck found another child suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg "hiding behind" the horse barn.

All of the victims were removed from the scene by ambulance or air evac to multiple hospitals.

Officers then rechecked the scene, searching for more victims and the suspect.

1:18 p.m. Saturday, 6009 Dalton Farmer Road, Jonesboro

As Officers Susan Gray and Christopher Jefferson were responding to the shooting on Moore Road, they received a call of another shooting on Dalton Farmer Road.

When they arrived the officers found Ricardo Lopez, 31, of Jonesboro dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

David Pyle, who identified himself as a physician, told the officers he had "checked Lopez for vitals" and had found none.

Gray and Jefferson then asked the witnesses to "back up" as they secured the scene.

2:00 p.m. 6009 Dalton Farmer Road, Jonesboro

Detective Mike Branscum responded to the scene on Moore Road. En route Sgt. Cassie Brandon redirected him to the shooting on Dalton Farmer Road.

When the two detectives arrived paramedics had just left the scene, claiming the man was "deceased and there was nothing they could do," Branscum reported.

He and Brandon then covered the victim with sheets and began processing the scene. Lt. Rick Elliott arrived and began diagramming the crime scene.

Shortly after Coroner Milton Harbison arrived and removed the body.

As they were investigating, Branscum stated they received word from Craighead County sheriff's deputies that the possible shooter had been found inside a car by a farmer.

Saturday, County Road 664, Jonesboro

Branscum responded to County Road 664 where he found Porfirio Sayago Hernandez, 39, of Jonesboro "slumped over in the driver's seat with an apparent gunshot wound to the head."

He also reported finding a .38 Rossi revolver, covered in blood, in Sayago Hernandez's lap.

He secured the weapon, along with the bullets and a spent round he found in the seat "right behind where the victim was sitting."

Coroner Harbison arrived on the scene and retrieved the body.

2:00 p.m. Saturday, St. Bernards Hospital, Jonesboro

Detective Vic Brooks was contacted at home by his supervisor and asked to go to St. Bernards Hospital to try and interview three of the shooting victims.

When he arrived doctors and nurses were busy administering help to the victims.

At that time he learned the identity of two of the victims: 41-year-old Crisanto Islas and 43-year-old Agustin Hernandez. At the time, the identity of the third victim, a Hispanic woman, was still unknown. She was later identified as 37-year-old Aide Angela Davila.

The two men were unconscious, Brooks reported.

Although she was conscious, he said Davila was unable to speak due to a "gunshot wound to the left side of her face."

Brooks said Hernandez suffered a similar wound to the left side of his face. Islas appeared to have been shot in the back of his head.

The detective collected the victims' clothing then went to the Jonesboro Police Department where he logged them into evidence.

Hernandez was flown to The MED in Memphis in critical condition.

Saturday, NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Jonesboro

While processing the Dalton Farmer shooting scene, Detective Cassandra Brandon received word that one of the Moore Road victims, a 12-year-old girl, had died at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital.

According to her report, she and Lt. Elliot went to the hospital to photograph her injuries.

While there some of the victims' family arrived at the hospital. They gave the investigators a list of the names.

Based on the family's descriptions, Brandon stated investigators were able to identify the 12-year-old girl as Floritza "Flora" Davila.

Lt. Elliott told the family that she had died.

After photographs were taken and the child's clothing was taken as evidence, Brandon received a call from LeBonheur Children's Hospital where two other victims had been flown.

According to nurses at the Memphis hospital, 10-year-old Bryan Davila was in guarded condition with a gunshot wound to the leg.

The charge nurse told the investigator 7-year-old Angel Islas was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head.

While at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Brandon learned that Crisanto Islas had died at St. Bernards.

Lt. Elliott notified the family.

Saturday, 2400-block High Street, Jonesboro

Acting on information provided by a witness, Officer Duane Busby and several others were sent to the 2400-block of High Street to try and find the shooting suspect.

When they went to the apartment said to be Sayago Hernandez's, they were greeted by a Hispanic woman and a young boy, Busby reported.

The woman, later identified as Antonia Cruz, said the suspect was her husband but he was not at home.

She then allowed the officers to search the home.

Cruz was escorted to the Jonesboro Police Department to be interviewed by investigators.

Saturday, Jonesboro Police Department, Jonesboro

With the help of Sister Mary translating Detective Vic Brooks interviewed Antonia Cruz, whom he identified as Porfirio Sayago Hernandez's common law wife.

Cruz told the detective her husband woke her Saturday morning "to go get a tire that was flat or messed up" fixed.

She said he had been gone two or three hours when police arrived.

Brooks stated Cruz was unable to provide any details of the day's events because she "had no idea what had happened."

She later informed Brooks "that her husband had just got out of St. Bernards Mental Health on Wednesday," April 30. She reportedly said her husband had been admitted the previous Monday.

When asked why he was admitted, Cruz said "he went there to get help because he had been saying that he wanted to kill people and then kill himself," Brooks stated in his initial report.

Cruz also reportedly said they had traveled to Texas on Good Friday to seek help at a mental health facility; but, she said there were no rooms available.

When asked how her husband got the handgun, Cruz said he had gone to a pawn shop on Friday, May 2, but she did not know if he bought anything, Brooks reported.

The detective checked the Secure website to see if Sayago Hernandez had purchased or pawned any items, but none were listed. Brooks noted it "could be too soon" and that it "takes a couple of days" for items to be entered.

Saturday, 2201 Moore Road, Jonesboro

Shortly after he arrived at the crime scene, Detective Chad Hogard learned a man had witnessed the shooting.

Hogard spoke with Oscar Martinez, with the help of Sister Elaine acting as a translator.

Martinez reportedly said he was present "when Porfirio started shooting everybody."

Hogard then transported Martinez to the police department for a taped interview.

According to Hogard's initial report, Martinez said Sayago Hernandez was already at the Moore Road house when he arrived at 10:20 a.m.

He told the detective Sayago Hernandez was "hanging out, walking around and talking to everyone."

After a few other men left the house, Martinez said Sayago Hernandez asked Islas about purchasing an Audi he had for sale.

Martinez said the two men then walked around to the back of the shop where the car was parked.

He said he then heard gunshots.

Martinez said "Islas' boy ran around from the building" and told him to call police.

As he was pulling out his phone, Martinez told the detective Sayago Hernandez shot "Teofelo three times."

Martinez said "Teofelo fell and Porfirio shot him in the head again," the report stated.

As he was running away Martinez told police he saw a body lying on the ground. He wasn't sure if it was Crisanto Islas or his wife.

Martinez ran across an adjoining field and called 911.

He reportedly told Brooks he wasn't sure why Sayago Hernandez didn't shoot him "because he was 12 feet from him at one point."

Saturday, Jonesboro Police Department, Jonesboro

Shortly after interviewing Oscar Martinez, Detective Hogard learned a construction crew that had witnessed the Dalton Farmer Road shooting was on their way to the station.

Because they spoke little English, he asked Sister Elaine to help him with the interviews.

Two of the witnesses told Hogard they had just returned from their lunch break when a car pulled up to the job site.

They said the driver pointed at Ricardo Lopez, who went to the car.

One of the workers stated he "heard a shot and saw Ricardo fall."

The driver of the car then told the rest of the workers not to run, the report stated. Then he "started shooting again at them."

The man then drove away.

The Victims

* Crisanto Islas, 41, killed

* Flora Davila, 12, killed

* Ricardo Lopez, 31, killed

* Agustin Hernandez, 43, hospitalized

* Angel Islas, 8, hospitalized

* Aide Angela Davila, 37, hospitalized

* Bryan Davila, 10, treated and released from hospital

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