Man pulled over for expired tags, officers find gun and drugs

Reddi Parker (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)
Reddi Parker (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) – A Jonesboro man was charged with three felonies after he was pulled over at the intersection of Johnson and State Streets for expired tags, according to a Jonesboro Police report.

According to the report, Reddi Parker, 33, of Jonesboro was charged with having an expired vehicle license, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a schedule IV substance.

Jonesboro Officer Erik Johnson reported that on Thursday night, Parker was pulled over at the Kum and Go on Johnson Avenue for expired tags. Johnson reported that Parker was breathing heavy and was acting nervous. Johnson, when he approached the car, noticed a black gun holster in the passenger seat. The gun was not in the holster.

Johnson asked Parker if he had a gun, and Parker said he had one the cargo pocket of his pants. Johnson, along with an assisting officer, asked Parker to step out of the vehicle. When Parker stepped out of the vehicle, the handgun fell to the ground. Officers then secured the gun.

After Parker was placed into custody, officers obtained consent and searched the car, where they found suspected methamphetamine, a digital scale, Xanax and magazines for the gun.

Parker was taken to the Craighead County Sheriff's Office, where he was held without bond.

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