A Better Region 8: Get out and vote!

Early voting for the Primary and non-partisan election started this week. America is the greatest country to ever exist!  Our country is great because of three simple words "WE THE PEOPLE".

These words mean we, as voters have the power to put people in office, take people out of office and change laws. The way we express that power is at the ballot box.  It's easy to complain about things from time to time - but I want to challenge you to take action! Vote.

The primary election is the chance to elect each party's candidates for the general election in November. If you don't want to vote in the primary election, you can still vote in the non-partisan judicial election for judges and prosecuting attorneys. That's our opportunity to have a checks and balances on our judicial system.

So remember, our government works for us. Go vote! It's that simple.

It's your right as an American and it will make this A Better Region 8.