Dealing with Death through the Power of Prayer

Just about any afternoon you can stop by St. Bernard's Day Place and hear music like an old time gospel jubilee. Its actually kareoke time with mrs wilma. Wilma Guiltner is a nurses assistant and her back up vocalist are her patients. Wilma says, "It is so rewarding it really is to be with these folks everyday and do what i can to make their lives just a little brighter."
    Brighter days is not only what she gives its also what wilma needs herself. After loosing two aunts, a son in law and a granddaughter all within a few months wilma turned to the power of prayer. "I was praying one night, reading the bible and asking the lord, please help me, and I didn't know what I wanted him to help me do, because I was really kind of mad at him for taking all these people that I dearly loved away."
   It was during her prayers one night, Wilma was given her answer. After losing so much, it was time for her to give. Soon she found herself at the St. Beranards Day Place. After 28 years Wilma Guiltner gave up a career in sales to dedicate her life to helping others. She's now a nursing assistant... caring for elderly and disabled patients who still live at home with their families but aren't able to care for themselves while their caregivers are at work. Wilma has worked a little bit with hospice and a little over at the hospital, and she says she loves it. "Giving myself, keeps me from feeling sorry for myself, because I see people in a lot worse shape than I am, that why I changed." 
    Wilma's days are now spent trying to bring comfort to others,but it was a search for comfort in her own life that lead her to what she does today.