Report: Nursing majors up, education on decline

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to a report from National Public Radio, nursing majors are on the rise while education is on the decline.

Soon-to-be graduate, Zoe Ungerank, is getting her degree in education. She's outnumbered by her classmates to another major.

"I know a lot of people that went into nursing because it's going to be really well paid and they'll have their degree in four years," she said. "Not nearly as many people wanted to go into education because of all the paper work and the bureaucracy."

It's not just nursing. The rise in all kinds of health professions have continued to grow.

"There has been a great influx of folks who have all sorts of training across the spectrum from health professions, radiology, nursing to lab techs," said NEA Baptist Hospital CEO Brad Parsons.

Parsons said he doesn't anticipate the demand to wind down anytime soon.

"As health care continues to grow in a lot of new ways and there are a lot of folks who need health care services, the demand will continue to grow for years to come," he said.

She may have chose the road less traveled, but Ungerank feels her major will make a comeback.

"A lot of teachers I think are about to retire, especially with all these common core standards," she said. "A lot of teachers are getting ready to leave and I don't think they'll have as many teachers as they need."

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