Rain brings rising waters to some Jonesboro neighborhoods

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Heavy downpours can leave some roads in Jonesboro submerged. Sometimes the flooding can even reach into people's homes. Those who live along side West Matthews have been dealing with this problem for years.

"Something needs to be done, that much I do know," said Resident Wesley Cole.

Cole said the problems range depending on where people live on the street.

"If you have a house that sits high on one side and you have another house that sits high on the other side, if you're sitting in the middle, all that water comes to your yard," he said.

Down the street Robert Merrill has been dealing with flooding since he bought his home 21 years ago.

"Because we're on the lower side of the lot on the block, the water all congregates here," Merrill said. "It runs off the road and into the neighbor's yard."

It also affects several of his neighbors.

"We've had it flood and get to peoples porches and into their house," Merrill said.

He said he's been asking the city to fix it for quite some time.

"I've asked the last three mayors to help us," he said. "Doug Formon, when he was mayor dug out a ditch on the other side and it did help, but it's always been a problem."

City Engineer, Craig Light said they've been working on a drainage study to help with flooded areas.

Due to lack of funding it's taking longer than they expected to resolve the problem.

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