Osceola Man Beaten At Local Nightclub Speaks Out

November 10, 2004--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CST

OSCEOLA--"There is some blood in my head somewhere, and they broke my jaw right there, and there. They had to put some plates right there to seal it up and push it back together,"said Stone.

Dennis Stone says he was beaten at the hands of this man.....25 year old Torthel Slayton.

This is where the Stone's say the whole nightmare began.

Vollie's is a family owned restaurant here in Osceola.

Rosalind Stone says it's a place that is known to attract trouble.

"Police cooperate good. They come out. But they don't fear the police,"said Vollie Harris.

Harris says residents in the neighborhood gather in the street which he says leads to violence.

He says he and his family run a good business, and work hard to keep trouble away from his club.

"If they are standing out here, and I got all these signs up they should go to jail,"said Harris.

Police say this area does keep them busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

Ray Rigsby is the Chief of Police in Osceola.

"We have had some disturbances, and we have made some arrests in the area,"said Rigsby.

Dennis Stone says he and two friends stopped at Vollie's to get something to eat.

He says he was then attacked by nearly 15 people.

"They started stomping and hitting me, and that is the last thing I remember,"said Stone.

"The suspect in custody, Torthel Slayton, is Vollie Harris' grandson.

He says it's a case of mistaken identity.

"I'm not the judge, I'm not the prosecuting attorney, but I know he's not guilty,"said Harris.