Trying to sell alcohol in a wet county

LORADO, AR (KAIT) - You would think selling alcohol in a wet shouldn't be a problem but there are islands of dry in "wet" Greene County.

A small township in Southern Greene County voted to become dry decades ago, but now the owners of the only grocery store in Lorado are saying it's time to put wine and beer back on the ballot.

"The number one thing that we get asked is, when are y'all gonna start selling beer," Randy Pugsley told Region 8 News.

Pugsley has owned the Lorado Grocery store in Greene County for three years and said they cater to more than just residents that live in the area.

"Lake Frierson's just right up the road to our right here and Walcott's to our left and we get a lot of fishermen and a lot of people passing through," Pugsley said.

The store serves up fish, hamburgers, deli meat and more but not alcohol.

While the town of Lorado is in Greene County and Greene County is wet, alcohol cannot be sold in that area.

"My understanding is that back in the 50's, the township of Salem voted to be dry," Pugsley explained.

As Lorado is in the Salem Township, they've not been able to sell alcohol for decades.

The township covers just over 18 square miles of Southern Greene County.

Pugsley said customers have asked about alcohol sales since they opened the store three years ago.

"We kinda just let it to the side and didn't think much of it," he said. But the more requests they had, Pugsley decided it was time to follow up and give voters in the Salem Township the opportunity to decide.

"We've gotta get 38% of 361 voters on the last election," Pugsley said that's roughly 130 signatures that they hope to have by June 1.

"That's our job to just service the community we live in, or we're operating in. If we don't give them what they want, they're just gonna go somewhere else," Pugsley said. "If it's not the right thing to do, it'll be voted down."

To sign the petition, Pugsley said you do have to live in the Salem Township.

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