Campaign Expenditures in Question

November 9, 2004 -- Posted 6:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- A newspaper advertisement run by candidate Dan Pierce in the Jonesboro Sun is asking voters to take a closer look at Doug Formon's campaign expenditure report filed before the general election. It outlines some of the money Formon spent for signs and advertising.

"I think the way you ran your campaign is an indication of how you manage city government," said Pierce.

"It bothers me that he's distracting the voters," said Formon. "I think there are so many issues affecting Jonesboro right now, the landfill and jobs."

Records obtained from the County Clerk's office show Formon raised more than $13,000, and spent the majority of it by the time his records were due on the 23rd of October. Since then he says his campaign has raised another $5,000.

"I knew that every dollar had to count, and I wanted to spend that money wisely, we just didn't throw money at the campaign, we wanted to make sure that when we spent our money, we spent it the best way we could," said Formon.

According to Formon's expenditure report, as of the 23rd of October he had spent $702 on television ads. Formon says that money was used to produce his TV spot. But according to Dan Pierce, Formon failed to mention his involvement with KAIT.

"I know that he paid KAIT on October 22nd, a check for over $1,100 for advertising out there, that should have been disclosed," said Pierce.

KAIT records and discussions with management reveal Formon dated a check on the 22nd of October for television spots, but the check was received after 5 o'clock and was only registered in the system on the following Monday, the 25th of October.

"Anything to do with my campaign financing is open to the public, please come by and see me if you have questions," said Formon.

Both of these candidates must again submit their expenditure reports for the runoff on the 13th of this month. And then again 30 days after the general election.