Region 8 Veterans Honored in 24 Hour Vigil

November 10, 2004-- Posted at 7:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- The Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation hosted a 24 hour Veterans Day vigil today at the Craighead County Courthouse.

The vigil allowed Jonesboro residents the opportunity to pay their respects to veterans who have given their lives for our country.

Veteran Micheal Guyton says the event is just a small gesture to those who fought before him.

"Veterans Day for me is paying respect for the wars prior to us that took place. I've been over there myself so I know what it is like to pay respect to those who went before us," Guyton said.

Guyton is an instructor for ASU's ROTC. He brought a few Cadets along to guide the public through the monument.

Cadet Nancy Pickett says she is honored to support our veterans on such a special day.

"Veterans Day is a day to celebrate all the men who have given their lives for this country. My dad is a veteran. So, I'm supporting him also," Pickett said.

"I support veterans. They're all throughout my family. Someday, I'll be one," Cadet J.W. White said.

The vigil will be concluded tomorrow with the Veterans Day parade beginning at 10 a.m.