Multiple guns stolen from Jonesboro home

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) – At least six firearms were stolen from a Jonesboro home Tuesday night, according to a Jonesboro Police incident report.

According to the report, the owner of a home on Parkwood Drive came back to the residence Tuesday night, and noticed the gate to their fence open and a bedroom light on in the house. The owner then discovered the guns missing from a gun rack on a wall, and a silver and black comforter were missing as well.

The report stated the comforter was used to take the weapons from the home. The owner also discovered a missing safe, which held legal paperwork, a truck title and the serial numbers to the guns.

Investigators were unable to lift any fingerprints.

The reported value of the firearms reaches approximately $1,330. Ammunition to the various firearms was also stolen.

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