Flooding in Lawrence Co.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT)-Heavy rain across Region 8 caused one county to experience flooding in certainareas across town.

"I always worry about thewater coming up because when it does it comes up in a hurry," said ResidentLaverne Dunkin.

With enough rain it canreach up into parts of Dunkin's home.

"My house is kind of highup but behind the house I have a lower room and it gets in there bad," saidDunkin.

In 2009, Dunkin said heryard flooded so bad she was out of her home for days.

"I have a son in Portia Istayed with for about a week the last time," she said. "The water was up for aweek around the trees."

She said she is preparedif it happens again.

"I've got my insurancepapers in the car in case it starts coming up," she said. If it does, I'mgetting out of here!"

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