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Project One America will support Alabama LGBT residents

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) brought its message of equality to Birmingham Wednesday.

Project One America is working to provide more support for LGBT people in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi. Wednesday, the group's events in Birmingham highlighted their goals.

The group wants to make it easier and safer for gay people to come out in the South. HRC members spent the day talking with area government, business and religious leaders about what the LGBT community currently faces in the state, and how to best bring equality to the workplace, schools and health facilities.

Group leaders say this effort is long overdue in our state. Currently, there are more than 24,000 members and supporters of the Human Rights Campaign in Alabama. Many were at tonight's event at the Birmingham Museum Of Art. HRC members say they'll concentrate on building relationships with government leaders and church groups.

"We heard loudly and clearly today and for many months and years, and our work from up until this point, that people want full equality for their friends and neighbors, co workers and family," explained HRC member Karin Quinby.

The Human Right Campaign is investing more $8 million over the next three years to have a permanent presence in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

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