Built-in tracking device on iPhones raises concerns

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There are plenty of smartphone apps on the market to track phones, but iPhones have a built-in system that automatically tracks the user's location. 

It's called the "Frequent Locations" option. Consumers can access it by going to Settings- Privacy- Location Services- System Services- Frequent Locations.  

iPhone users can see every place their phone has been in the last several months.

"That's kind of creepy," Benton resident Hannah Wilson said.

Wilson is a self proclaimed technology savvy teen, but she had no idea about the "Frequent Locations" option.

"If you just picked up someone's phone and they didn't have a lock, you could know exactly where they live and that's kind of scary to me," Wilson said.

Once consumers go through the five steps, they can see the exact addresses of their latest locations and how many times they have been there.

"It kind of makes me look like a loner," Wilson said. "I'm at my house a lot!"

Wilson said the almost-hidden option makes it very easy for parents to track their child's true whereabouts.

"My friends should be a lot more concerned than I am about their parents," Wilson said. "My mom's got me on LoJack already so she knows where I've been."

"It's pretty crazy," Jonesboro grandmother Sylvia Ward said.

Ward does not like the idea of tracking her loved ones.

"I wouldn't want to unless something happened," Ward said. "Not everyday things."

Others are all for tracking their family members.

"I may tell one of my daughters so she can monitor one of her daughters," Jonesboro grandfather Larry Rutherford said.

However, Rutherford does not like the idea of being able to track anyone.

"To me, that's intruding on their privacy," Rutherford said. "But as far as the children, track them all you can."

Consumers said this iPhone option also raises an important question.

"How secure are you at any point and at any given time?," Jonesboro mother Miranda Jones said.

Jones worries this is just another way for people to have too much access to your personal life.

"If they really want to know something, they can pretty much find any information with the use of the Internet today, mobile devices, GPS location services," Jones said.

"Technology's good, but you have to be aware of what's going on and not trust everything," Ward said.

iPhone users can turn off the "Frequent Locations" option and also clear the history.

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