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Rantankerous: Reality shows bite

(Source: Bitstrip/Facebook) (Source: Bitstrip/Facebook)

Rantankerous [ran-tank'uhr-us] (adjective) - A combination of rant [to speak in a wild or extravagant manner] and cantankerous [contentious, disagreeable]. The word is the only suitable description for the arguments between Brian "What We Learned" Tynes and George "Hot Reads" Jones.

(RNN) – George is hiding out somewhere in the Australian Outback learning the animal taming skills of Mick Dundee, so it's a free-for-all to replace that certain "je ne sais quoi" he brings to the proceedings each week.

In his absence, Tom Ensey and Matt Quillen are stepping in try to fill the void. We miss you, George. Don't get eaten by a dingo.

He probably should have taken the so-called "Hero Cat" with him to subdue those wild beasts, but "Hero Cat" isn't available. Tara, as the cat is more informally known, will be busy throwing out the first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze baseball game, which we all agree is a complete sham.

Also a sham is reality TV shows, and there are three – yes, three – to talk about this week.

Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam's PR bonanza has effectively jumped the shark with the announcement he will be followed by an OWN camera crew to document … something.

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will have one, too, and we're convinced it's just a matter of time before the Cleveland Browns agree to be on HBO's Hard Knocks to get Johnny Manziel the exposure he's lacking.

Did you know the NBA playoffs are going on? Well, they are, and that's a thing that we mention before swiftly devolving into more Donald Sterling chaos, which never seems to end.

Also, the Preakness is a horse race taking place Saturday, and we give our "picks" for the race, which are a bit compromised since we only know the name of one horse in the field. You can dissect the entrants yourself here.

Include your thoughts in the comments section, or email us directly using the links above. You can also troll Brian on Twitter at @BNT_RNN and give George a taste of home at @GJones_RNN. If you aren't completely repulsed by Matt and Tom, let them know at @MattQuillenRNN and @TenseyRNN. If you are repulsed, feel free to let them know, too.

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