Police work can be dangerous even for man's best friend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Police work can be dangerous even for man's best friend.

Craighead County Sheriff'sDepartment along with Bono's K-9 officer were called out to an incidentinvolving a weapon on County Road 484 Thursday night.  Bono's K-9 officer assisted in an effort tolocate the suspect, Daniel Barrett, who fled after police said he beat hiswife.

According to Deputy,Justin Rolland, the K-9 officer ordered the dog to assist in the arrest afterBarrett fled the scene and refused to follow verbal orders. During the arrestBarrett beat the K-9 causing injury.

"The original call saidthis was a disturbance involving weapons so the officers weren't certain if thesuspect had weapon or not," said Rolland. "The officer began givinginstructions to show his hands and he wouldn't do it so they let the dog loose."

Rolland says there arecertain justifications for when officers can deploy the K-9.

"We use them all the time in narcotics detention," he said.

However, they use more than their noses tosniff out drugs.

"They are extremelyhelpful in apprehension of suspects or escapees," said Rolland.

The K-9 in this case hassuffered injuries but will be okay. Rolland said killing or injuring an animalused by a law enforcement agency is a class D felony in the state of Arkansas.

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